Making my dream come true



My brain is a blind auto-pilot (i.e. a Bio-Nav). Itís my auto-pilotís job to ensure my survival (i.e. make me a winner) in every situation.


If I pick a destination (like in a Sat-nav), that is to say a (distant)

The state (i.e. as functions set) of my auto-pilot sets the state (i.e. as functions set) of my body (just like in an airplane). In other words, I become what I imagine. If I donít imagine I either donít become or become the outcome of random perception, i.e. a victim of circumstance.

goal (and which is now a dream, i.e. a coníception), I give my auto-pilot eyes. Now that it can see it will do its utmost to get me there (i.e. to make my dream a reality). If I donít give it a destination, that is to say, if it remains blind, it will do nothing (and which decreases my survival capacity) or it will blindly create an immediate destination of my very next períception (i.e. as in hand - to mouth or day - to - day living that is going nowhere).


For instance, if Iím hungry and think/imagine (i.e. flood my auto-pilot with the thought of) banana, my auto-pilot will get me to that destination. In other words, Iíll end up eating a banana. Likewise if I think/imagine bread or fish and chips Iíll end up eating bread or fish and chips.If I donít give my blind autopilot a food destination I wonít (indeed canít) eat anything. But because Iím hungry and need to eat to survive my auto-pilot/brain will steer me to the fridge. I will then perceive a variety of foods, focus on one (and when my autopilot gets am immediate destination) and end up eating that food.


Making my dream come true means getting my blind auto-pilot to see a conception (i.e. as destination or goal) and turn it into a reality. And when I get real I am true.


And thatís all there is to it.




© 2016 Victor Langheld