What if my parents lied?




 What if my parents and my priest lied to me as a child when they told me that there is one God above (i.e. in heaven) and that God is great, all-knowing, all-powerful, complete and perfect in every way, eternal and so on?

What if as mature adult I have come to realise that the opposite is

   As a child I was told by my Christian priest that creation/nature happens top-down and is planned (i.e. by God). As mature adult I have come to experience creation, and my part in it, as an on-going, bottom-up series of accidents that momentarily complete. As a child I was told that my purpose in life was to reach heaven (i.e. in the next life). However, what I discovered by painful experience was that heaven (indeed, this wonderful natural world) happens as side-effect of my escape from hell. In simple terms, God, finding himself in the hell of incompleteness, creates heaven (i.e. momentary completeness) as means of escape from hell/incompleteness.


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true, namely that the one God is not above but below, as it were in hell, and that IT operates as a very basic and simple escape-from-hell* algorithm?

Mature adult observation of nature** suggests that the one God functions as tiny, smart, incomplete, blind (i.e. non-relativised ≈ not-knowing) almost powerless, wholly recursive, momentary (i.e. quantised) drive to generate otherness ≈ life. And that tiny (≈ nano) God operates (i.e. sustains and grows itself) as ruthless predatory self-regulating Guide & Control algorithm that endlessly copies and

and mutates (i.e. adapts and so self-regulates) itself to become ever more powerful, more knowledgeable (i.e. more  formally elaborate), thereby achieving ever greater survival capacity and completeness.****


   ‘God (i.e. El, Eli, Elia, Yahweh, Allah) is One’* (e.g. ‘One without a Second’, so the ancient Indian Upanishad). One, as Gödel demonstrated and everyone can experience, is incomplete. One as such cannot be proven or prove itself.* Hence if ‘God is One’ then he is fundamentally incomplete (and which in ancient wisdom meant ‘sinful’), hence not great!***

    God becomes a real One by means of random (i.e. accidental) collision with a Second (or alternative). For God to become real, all-knowing, all-powerful and fully complete (albeit momentarily) he needs to generate (i.e. create) mutated (i.e. elaborated) copies of himself with which he collides at random and serially, thereby proving himself real and with identity.

*… idem ‘Great’

***… more about incompleteness (≈ sin)

What if the one (tiny, momentary, wholly recursive, self-regulating) God (≈ creation algorithm) is merely potentially (i.e. virtually) great, all-knowing, all-powerful, complete, eternal and so on and that It’s actual mutated (or adapted, i.e. by accident/chance) copies (such as the human or the ant) gradually evolve to make It (i.e. as totality of its real, everyday copies, i.e. all of nature, ‘tooth and claw’) actually great, all-knowing, all-powerful, well-ad-justed, perfect, eternal (i.e. as endless series of actual, because real moments) and so on? 


What if the one God, as most basic Guide & Control algorithm, does not rule/regulate from above, as it were from heaven, as my parents and my priest claimed, but rules/regulates from below, as it were from hell (i.e. being a state of incomplete-ness, like the aftermath of the Big Bang) and then gradually evolves (i.e. self-elaborates) upwards through countless mutated (i.e. adapted) self-copies to the heaven above that is this beautiful, magical world here and now? What if the one God acts as very primitive and incomplete beginning of life (i.e. like a blind, voracious and all-demanding new-born baby), that is to say, as nature ‘tooth and claw’, and that his current local copy, i.e. man (i.e. the human adult, i.e. the actual ‘powers that be’, in ancient Hebrew called ‘the Elohim’), performs as the one God’s currently most complete, hence most perfect actual (because real) self-expression?


    For ‘below’ understand Meister Eckhart’s ‘God ground’, i.e. as ever presenting bottom–up creation potential. For ‘above’ understand ‘God as surface display’, i.e. as actual and very real, albeit transient top-down creation.

 What if ‘as below, so above’.  What if God (as Guide & Control algorithm, i.e. as effective (albeit virtual) creation procedure) gradually self-elaborates as man (indeed as all of nature) in order to actually become real, great, all-knowing, all-powerful, complete, eternal and so on?****


What if the one incomplete tiny God-as-blind-drive-to-life (read: ‘otherness’) is neither good nor bad and that Its actual completed applications (i.e. its adapted copies, such as man or ant as accidental end states) appear good or bad depending on how perfectly they replicate It (i.e. the rules that define It) in the momentary here and now?


So why did my parents and my (Church of Ireland) priest lie to me? So why did the chief imam in the mosque in Gaya in India lie to me when he claimed that “Allah is One! Allah is Great!”?,****** So why do parents lie to their children?


*… For ‘hell’ read: incompleteness (i.e. not arrived, open, undecided). For ‘heaven’ read: completeness (i.e. arrived, closed, decided).

**… For ‘nature’ read: fractal elaborations of the God algorithm. All fractal elaborations present as alternatives, i.e. as it were as siblings or neighbours. Hence ‘Love your neighbour (or indeed your seeming enemy) as yourself!’ The immature encounter the ‘other’ as opposite, hence as a predator or prey). The the mature respond to the ‘other’ as alternative, hence as fundamentally equal (wherefrom democracy and cooperation spring).

***… more about incompleteness (≈ sin)

****… Creation (by God or any one of his (recursive) local elaborations, for instance a human or a blade of grass) is need driven. God is driven by the need (self-signalled with the varieties of suffering) to escape from, i.e. to free himself from incompleteness. He achieves his goal, namely completeness (albeit momentary, hence also incomplete), first by generating a moment of absolute is’ness (i.e. a 1c2 realness quantum), then by sequencing series of such realness moments/quanta to generate real form (i.e. as identity), which when responded to, i.e. self-reflected are experienced as consciousness. In short, this beautiful, magical world here and now happens as side-effect of the forever incomplete God’s drive to momentary completeness (perfection and so on).

*****… The simple (hence with maximum adaptation flexibility) nano primitive virtual (i.e. unreal) impotent ignorant blind unjust god of beginnings (i.e. as initial state) evolves Itself via its adapted copies to become the great complex sophisticated actual (i.e. real) omnipotent omniscient all-seeing, well-adjusted God of endings (i.e. as end state)?

******… ‘One’ (≈ 1 ≈ a monad) is unprovable (i.e. unreal, unknowable), hence incomplete, hence less than great.    ‘A single point cannot be grasped.’ (Victor 1980)


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