Contact decides


…. and makes real ≈ true.*



Contact is made with an ‘other’, that is to say, with what is different. What is ‘other’ or different is fundamentally a ‘No!’ In information transmission systems’ (to wit, IT) terms a ‘No’ is represented by the digit/icon 1. Two 1’s (or relative No’s) collide at the capacity of c2 and which makes both No’s real ≈ true.


A ‘Yes’ is equivalent to the zero (i.e. the icon 0, being equivalent to sameness), and which does not offer contact. A ‘Yes’ person remains fundamentally undecided, unless the ‘Yes’ is, or leads to a ‘No’. Hence,


“The right Way

  Is the untrodden.

  It becomes the wrong Way

  When you’ve stepped on it.”  





The Split Man is falling apart, indeed tearing himself apart because he can’t decide, and so cannot begin to realize a ‘no’. Unable to create (or make contact with) a new ‘no’, hence a different option, he cannot become real (≈ true).** In other words, the Split Man doesn’t have a dream to make true/real. He has not decided a future for which to sacrifice himself.*** He is trying to survive on the easy and pleasing option of a previous (meaning a ‘yes’ position, then productive, now unproductive) auto-pilot (meaning biological self-regulation, to wit the Bio-Nav) setting. Now he needs to make the painful choice to leave his comfort zone and upgrade to a new, more productive setting (to wit, to a new, i.e. ‘other’ goal as dream to be made real ≈ true). All of which means that he (or she) has to switch from auto-pilot to manual control in sudden turbulence threatening survival fitness.


In short, the Split Man’s creative thrust (Sanskrit: lingam) remains sheathed/undescended. Therefore he can’t perform his basic (hence divine, so Vedanta) function (at about 30) and which is to create. That’s killing him.


The Split Man icon

More about the Bio (-logical) Nav (-igation) system



*…. Sanskrit: sat

**… ‘From contact arises name and body, consciousness and so on.’ So said the Buddha 2500 years ago.

***… Up to about 30 he was a sucker, that is to say, he was a child sucking the best from life. Now he must become a spitter (and grow up), and give of himself to the world. The transition from ‘sucker’ to ‘spitter’ is onerous and painful, at least for some.