The Nirvana Man

Alias, Mr Cool



image002The Nirvana Man has solved his problem. Indeed, anyone who solves any problem experiences nirvana.  He has attained his goal and got enlightened, indeed self-realized. The painful heat generated from the inner turbulence resulting from his unresolved problem has been released and transformed by him either as a sense of lightness or brightness (i.e. as enlightenment), or simply reapplied as the experience of rapturous joy.


The Nirvana Man is a blissful Mr. Cool because he has achieved perfect rest, his inner storm ‘blown out’. He becomes Mr Cool by entering the ‘eye of the (or any) storm’ (of life).


Out of compassion the Nirvana Man exits nirvana in order to share the wisdom of the means to enlightenment with those struggling to cope with the storms of life struggle and to help them reconfigure themselves so that they too might achieve enlightenment and experience the joy that flows from liberation.

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